There are so many great reasons to welcome a pet into your home during the pandemic, especially if you’re looking for some company as the temperatures drop and you prepare for a long winter of social distancing.

However, pet ownership is a lifetime commitment — and you’ll need to be prepared to care for your new animal companion long after the pandemic ends. These tips and resources will help you to select the most suitable animal companion for your family, pet-proof your home and garden, and ease your pet’s transition into his new home.

Do Your Homework

To be the best pet parent you can possibly be, it’s important to do plenty of research before welcoming an animal companion into your home.

  • Carefully choose the right animal companion for you and your household. If you have children at home, kid-friendly species (like dogs, cats, fish, or birds) will be best
  • Look for a veterinarian, pet sitter, and/or dog walker to care for your new animal companion.
  • Shop for pet insurance. Look for a policy with reasonable premiums and a high level of coverage.

Prepare Your Home and Garden

Before opening your home to your new animal companion, you’ll need to hide any hazardous items, stock up on supplies, and create a safe outdoor space if your pet will spend any time outside.

  • Purchase everything your new animal companion will need in his new home. If you’re getting a puppy, some essential items include a non-retractable leash, harness, collar, and dishes for food and water.Weimaraner in Fall Leaves
  • Keep potentially hazardous items out of your pet’s reach, including over-the-counter medications, toxic plants, and chocolate.
  • Install a fence so your animal companion can safely and freely run around outdoors.
  • Stock up on cleaning supplies but realize that stubborn stains may require carpet cleaning services.

Ease the Transition

These tips will help to ease your pet’s transition into his loving new home.

  • Create a safe space for your pet before he arrives in his new home. Treats, toys, and a consistent schedule can all help your pet to adjust more easily.
  • If you’re working from home during the pandemic, be sure to prepare your pet for separation before you return to the workplace.
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Pitbull in a Candy Corn Bandana with a Granola BarNow that so many of us are spending the majority of our time at home, the pandemic is the perfect time to adopt a new pet. However, we need to stock up on pet supplies and do plenty of research beforehand as this will help us to give our new animal companions the best lives they can possibly have.

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