Wouldn’t it be great to turn your passion for pets into a lucrative pet care based business venture?

There’s never been a better time to start a pet care based business that you can operate out of your home. Turn a hobby into a fun side hustle or go all-in on a full-time business plan with these tips!

If you have a love for animal companions of any kind, Charlie’s Treats Bakery outlines a few pet business ideas that you can pursue now to make the most of your dedication to pet care.

Dog Walking

If you think of yourself as a dog person, you’ve probably thought of making money by walking dogs in your town or neighborhood. With proper preparation, that fantasy is well within reach. In fact, IBISWorld research shows that demand for dog walkers has surged following waves of remote workers returning to the office.

Starting your own dog walking gig can be as simple as approaching other dog owners in your neighborhood. Growing your business will require you to take certain actions toward building and spreading your reputation:

Pet Sitting

Becoming a professional pet sitter is a more involved way of taking care of animals as a business. First, have a clean and spacious area where you can let your charges roam and play. This can be a large portion of your house, such as a living room or a fenced-in backyard.

A successful pet sitter will be a passionate expert in animal care and will follow the owner’s instructions for giving medications or any other special pet needs. There might be specific feeding instructions, such as serving specially formulated food like Zignature dog food. Consider meal plan services and schedules to accommodate this.

As with any other pet care business, it is vitally important for sitters to clearly communicate the scope of their services, associated costs and maintain meticulous records.

Selling Pet Products Online

Ownership of a pet care business doesn’t always imply physical interaction. Your passion for pet care can be translated into selling pet products with an e-commerce site. Would-be entrepreneurs can benefit from an education in e-commerce and should conduct extensive research on their market.

Home Business magazine notes that you can get started with an online store by deciding on an intuitive and simple platform. Hosting your own website or selling through an established e-commerce site like Etsy are examples. You can also create a Facebook ad quickly and for free to help get the word out!

Charlie's Treats Bakery Is A Great Example of a Successful Pet Care Based E-Commerce Business!
Charlie’s Treats Bakery Is A Great Example of a Successful Pet Care Based E-Commerce Business!
Dog grooming is a great pet care based business you can start from home! Image Via Pexels
Dog grooming is a great pet care based business you can start from home! Image Via Pexels

Other Pet Care Based Business Considerations

Finally, here are some general considerations to take into account for small businesses of any type. Small business insurance is mandatory to protect yourself from potential incidents on your property, during service rendering, or product complications. You should also look into creating a home office for your business; luckily, certain upgrades like new paint and floors can even raise your home’s appraisal value.

Now is a great time for animal enthusiasts to start the pet care based business of their dreams. With remote work on the rise, many individuals are taking the increased time at home to add pets to their households. This influx of new pet owners will benefit from your service as a pet care specialist.

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