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Banish the Boredom: How a Dog Walker Can Keep Your Pup Healthy and Happy

If you’re a dog owner, you do whatever you can to give your pet a happy life. But what if you have to be at work eight to ten hours a day? That leaves you with just a few hours to spend with your furry friend.

After a long, exhausting day at the office, it can be tough to find the energy for a vigorous romp, even though you know your dog needs exercise and fresh air. You may even feel guilty that you can’t do all you’d like to keep your friend from being bored. You’re not alone, as countless American dog owners like you have turned to dog-walking or pet-sitting services that can give stuck-at-home dogs the attention, companionship, and exercise they crave.

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Something to Do

Unlike cats, dogs aren’t innately independent animals, thriving on socialization with people and other pets. That’s what dog walkers and sitters can provide. They give your pooch the individual attention he craves, making sure he stays active during those long hours when you can’t be around. Dog walkers also help improve behavior, as anxious dogs sometimes act out in negative ways, like chewing, urinating, or barking. You’ll have a happier, more engaged pet that doesn’t suffer from anxiety or boredom when you’re away. They also keep their furry clients stimulated and make you feel better about being separated for long periods.

Of course, you need to have a backup plan in the event that you can’t find a dog walker. If you have a fenced-in backyard, take steps to make this space as dog-safe as possible, including removing any potentially poisonous plants and dangerous yard tools and equipment. Connect with a local professional through a site like Angi, and remember to check ratings/reviews. By having a dog-safe backyard, no dog walker is no problem.

No More Isolation

Like people, dogs fall into boredom and become lethargic after long periods of inactivity and isolation. A dog walker or sitter makes sure your pet goes for a nice, long walk a couple times a day and gets lots of loving attention—in other words, exactly what you’d be doing if you had the time. Getting a healthy dose of attention every day can also help improve your pet’s manners at home and in public.

Healthy and Happy

Just like humans, a dog’s well-being depends on getting enough exercise to maintain a healthy weight and work their muscles. Their health suffers from prolonged periods of inactivity, and like people, dogs can end up with weight problems. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, more than 50 percent of dogs are obese, which can cause a litany of residual health issues. Regular exercise keeps your pooch at an acceptable weight and prevents cardiac problems. Veterinarians advise that regular daily walks help dogs stay healthy well into old age; dog walkers and sitters can provide this necessary exercise.


Few things get a dog as excited as the chance to socialize with fellow canines. Dog walkers and sitters give your pet the opportunity for that kind of stimulation every day. Socialization engages a dog’s senses. It’s also a chance for your pet to make friends and get in some play time with other pooches, especially if there is a dog park in your neighborhood.

Happy Dog, Happy Owner

It goes without saying that you’re fond of your dog and want him to be happy and healthy. Hiring a dog walker or sitter can do just that. Knowing they’re taking good care of your dog makes you and your pet happy! It’s an excellent investment and is the sign of a responsible, conscientious owner.  Check online or with your fellow pet owners to locate a reliable dog walker or sitter, and your four-legged friend will thank you for it!

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