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Pet owners want what is best for their pets and finding reliable information can be doggone hard! Joins Charlie’s Treats Bakery as we explore tactics and tips on how to create an engaging, healthy life for your dog! From moving stress to human food, we wander all over to bring pet parents relevant and useful fur baby resources!

Start a pet care based dog walking business!

Start A Pet Care Based Business

Turn your passion for pets into a pet care based business! Operate out of your home and turn your hobby into a full-time business. Consider dog walking, pet sitting, grooming or e-commerce pet products!

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Letting Go: Rehoming Your Pet When Unable To Provide Care as a senior citizen

Letting Go: Rehoming Your Pet as a Senior Citizen

As a senior citizen, do you worry about the wellbeing of your pet after you can no longer serve as its primary caregiver? Charlie’s Treats Bakery suggests some options for pet care and how you can ensure your pet continues to have a great life, even when you are no longer able to provide for it as a senior citizen.

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Protecting Pets From Holiday Hazards

The holiday season brings big buffets, bright lights, and divine decorations, but it also hides some surprising dangers for our furry friends. Cluttered calendars and vacationing vets also make handling health emergencies even more challenging. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to keep your pets safe for the season. Charlie’s Treats Bakery

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