5 Tips for Balancing Entrepreneurship With Pet Ownership

5 Tips for Balancing Entrepreneurship With Pet Ownership

If you’re a new entrepreneur who has recently become the proud owner of a pet,  these 5 tips for balancing entrepreneurship with pet ownership will help when it feels like you have your hands full. 

It’s possible to be a fantastic entrepreneur and an attentive pet owner. Between taking breaks to play with your pet and rewarding them with treats from Charlie’s Treats Bakery, you’ll find a way to show them how much you care, even when you’re busy! Here’s how to organize your life so you can care for all your obligations.

File For An LLC

Filing to register your business as an LLC can help you save money during tax season, which you can spend on your pet instead! There are plenty of other benefits, too, like flexibility and personal asset protection.

If you need help with the process, working with a lawyer is one option, but this can definitely get expensive. Consider filing through a budget-friendly online formation service instead — it’s convenient and affordable! Rules can differ state by state, so researching your own state’s requirements in advance is essential.

Create A Space For Your Pet

Create a space for your pet to relax while you work.

As you set up an office space for your business, make sure that you designate a place for your pet, too! That way, you can keep an eye on them while you work. To choose the perfect bed for your pet, 1800PetMeds recommends looking into orthopedic beds for extra comfort. Just remember to clear out any pet toys from your office at the end of the day — you don’t want to stumble over them when you start working early the next morning.

Develop Routines

Your pet needs a routine — and as an entrepreneur, so do you! Creating a regular routine for your pet will set expectations for both of you and make it easier to navigate each busy day. Hill’s Pet recommends deciding on scheduled times for meals, bathroom breaks, and walks. This will also give you the chance to get up from your desk and stretch your legs!

Find Support

What if you’re so overwhelmed by your long to-do list for your business that you’re worried you won’t have the time to train your pet? And what if you genuinely love taking them for walks, but you’re so swamped with meetings some days that it becomes impossible?

You may want to look into hiring a trainer, a pet sitter, or a dog walker during weeks when you know that your schedule will be packed. Consider these expenses as investments for your pet and for yourself! However, before you hire anyone to take care of your pet, check out their qualifications and previous work experience.

Establish Work-Life Balance

It’s all too easy to take on more work than you can handle, especially in the early days of your business. But if you want to have plenty of time to take care of your pet, too, you need to clearly establish boundaries with your clients to create a sense of work-life balance. Let your clients know that you will only be available within business hours, and make sure that you can dedicate some free time every day to relax and play with your pet!

Becoming a business owner while taking care of your new pet can be challenging! But by managing your time properly, hiring professionals for help, and staying organized, you can handle all of your responsibilities. With these 5 tips for balancing entrepreneurship with pet ownership, you’ll be able to bond with your new furry friend while investing plenty of time in your business.

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