5 Tips for Downsizing With a Pet

5 Tips for Downsizing With a Pet

According to statistics, 68% of U.S. households have at least one pet, so downsizing with a pet is very common! This means that most people need to accommodate their pet’s needs when downsizing. These tips can make the process easier.

1. Get Your Current Home Ready for Sale

Pet parents may need to take some extra steps when it comes to getting their homes ready for sale. If your furry companion has had any bathroom accidents, chewed the molding, or scratched up the floors, you may need to repair the damage and remove any lingering odors

While you are making repairs, consider adding some updates that could increase your home’s appraisal value. Take before and after photos and keep all your receipts so that you can justify an increase in the value once your updates are complete.

2. Find the Right Home for You and Your Pet

dog sits beside man and woman
Keep in mind your pet’s needs when downsizing!

Downsizing could mean less indoor space for your pet to play in. When searching for a home, consider ways to mitigate this by looking for homes with large, enclosed yards. Consider nearby places you can take your pet, such as dog parks, pet-friendly restaurants, outdoor shopping centers, beaches and hiking trails. If you have a dog, explore whether there is a nearby area where you can safely take your pet for walks.

Use online resources like Realtor.com to search for prospective homes and PennyMac.com to compare mortgage rates. These kinds of resources can be invaluable at saving you both time and money when preparing to purchase a new home.

3. Keep Your Pet Safe

Moving can be a stressful time for you and your pet. It may also be a time when people are coming in and out of the house more often than usual and tools, packing supplies, paint, and other objects that would normally not be accessible to your pet may be scattered around the house. 

Make sure you confine your pet in a room with a closed door, a crate, or an exercise pen during times when exterior doors are going to be open. Don’t leave dangerous or toxic materials where your pets can access them. Keep your pet confined or on a leash around strangers to avoid the potential that your pets may be injured or injure someone else because they are stressed or frightened.

For more information, you can find helpful pet care advice online from veterinarians. This is information you can trust because it comes from pet care professionals. You can also find expert reviews of pet care products to make the transition easier.

Make sure to keep your pet from sneaky escapes during hectic moving!
Make sure to keep your pet from sneaky escapes during hectic moving!

4. Downsize Efficiently

The more time and energy you must put into your move, the more stressful it is likely to be on your pet. Start the process as early as you can. This will prevent the need for last-minute rushing that can ramp up the stress factor.

Many pets are sensitive to changes in their environment. Work room-to-room. Don’t start in one area and then move to a different one before you finish it. This can create a large amount of clutter and chaos. 

5. Hire Some Help

You will have more time to spend helping your pet adjust if you don’t try to do everything yourself. Consider contacting local movers in your area to assist with moving your stuff. 

Check reviews online before you schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and get a quote. When you do meet with a mover, ask for a quote in writing. Do not accept a quote over the phone. Legitimate movers will need to inspect your home before they can provide a quote.

Moving with a pet requires extra care during the planning process. Taking the time to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable during your downsizing process will provide you with peace of mind and make it easier for your pet to adjust to your new home.

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