Our Products

Quality Ingredients

Our fresh dog treats are baked in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Above all, we use 100% all natural ingredients with no added sugars, fats, byproducts or artificial colors or flavors.

Locally Made

100% of our dog treats, bandanas and balms are handmade in Delaware, USA and use BPA free packaging!

Durable Bandanas

Our handmade bandanas feature rolled seams and multi-piece construction, making them long lasting and machine washable. Additionally, the tie-on design makes it easy to change designs daily!

Charlie’s Treats Bakery started as a hobby and has whirled into a tail-wagging, lip-smacking, cookie-crunching adventure!

We made it our mission to bake the yummiest, all natural dog treats and the response has been astounding. Happy pets all across the U.S. enjoy our treats because they know we are a brand they can trust. We didn’t want to stop at just treats; we wanted something that lasts. So, we introduced our handmade, fashion-forward, durable and washable bandanas. Finally, we made sure a size and pattern for pets of every activity level and weight were available because every pet deserves a cute bandana!
When it comes to pet snacks and fashion, our story is just beginning. Let us be the company you can rely on to deliver quality, trustworthy and affordable products.

Our Mission

At Charlie’s Treats Bakery, our mission is simple.

Provide pets and pet parents with a variety of healthy, low-fat and delicious treats for all life stages and sizes

Create handmade, durable and fashionable pet bandanas that fit every pet’s style and activity.

Heal dry, cracked paws and noses and sooth hot spots with our all natural paw balm.

Nothing is more satisfying than happy tails and smiling faces. So, we work extra hard to make sure that is always the response to our treats and bandanas!

Gourmet, All Natural Wheat Free PB&B Granola Bars Dog Treats


Charlie’s Treats dog treats, bandanas and balms are handmade in small batches in the USA! We will never use byproducts, added fats, sugars or artificial colors or flavors. Every bandana is handcrafted to ensure perfect, durable and stylish quality. 


Our treats and bandanas are not just for dogs! We have a large variety of fuzzy customers, ranging from bunnies and birds to pigs and alpacas who love our snacks and bandanas.

As  a result, we love hearing from pet parents about our products! In fact, we love it so much, when you send us pictures of your pets enjoying them, you will be entered into our Pet of the Month competition!

Be The Best Dog Parent Ever! Stay Informed on Pet Health & Living!

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